Give Back Your Heart To Itself


Give Back Your Heart to Itself

encaustic collage


My journey back to art after more than 40 years has been one of continual re-discovery.  This month I am taking a beautiful online class called “Poetic Plaster and Wax” from two exceptional artists Ivy Newport and Petra Hrziwnattzki.

This piece is a project from the class and has great meaning to me as it is connected to one of my favorite poems, one that I discovered four years ago as I began to do art again.  It is by Derek Walcott, a Saint Lucia poet who received the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1992, and is titled “Love After Love.”


The piece contains the poem, handwritten in inks and graphite crayon, hidden slightly under layers of paint, pieces of old letters and other ephemera, and encaustic wax.  Incised with marks, it is finished with a rubbing of sepia oil paint.

It now hangs in my studio.



Serendipity Redux

serendipity on blue


Mixed Media on Canvas

8 x 8

This is how my serendipitous ACEO that turned into a canvas turned out.  I like it so much, it won’t be in my Etsy shop!  I decided to do gold leaf on the edges.  Working with gold leaf is a lesson in patience but I love how it looks.  I had to put on some very quiet music–the Zen Garden station on Pandora–and remind myself over and over that I was not in a hurry.  Very Zen.  Gold leaf has a mind of its own.  Here’s how it looked as I was working on it.

doing gold leaf

I like to let the edges fray a little to give it a distressed look.

  It’s happily hanging on my wall now.

Serendipity at its best….



better aceo for blog

I  did this ACEO the other day and when I set it aside to dry, I rested it on a canvas I has gessoed the night before.  I glanced at it later and liked how it looked on the canvas.  So I’m experimenting with using it as an element in a larger piece.  Serendipity at its best….

Seek the Blue Bird ACEO Art Card

Stackables bluebird

Seek the Blue Bird

ACEO Art Card

2.5″ x 3.5″

Another little Artist Trading Card.  A miniature playing card, Chiyogami papers, acrylic on mat board, text from a vintage children’s book, gold leaf.  Perfect for desk art.

(Photo edited in stackablesapp)

Available in my Etsy Store::StudioMiradero

Little French Country Landscapes

Wishing I was in Provence….next best thing is painting as if I was there.  Three little mixed media landscapes.  Un voyage de l’imagination.


stackable for blog 2 French Country Landscape III

mixed media on canvas panel 5 x 7

available in my Etsy shop::Studio Miradero


stackable for blog 1

 French Country Landscape II

mixed media on canvas panel 5 x 7

available in my Etsy shop::Studio Miradero


cypress for blogFrench Country Landscape I

mixed media on canvas panel 5 x 7


available in my Etsy shop::Studio Miradero

( I used a photo editing app I just discovered for these images.  Love it!  Stackablesapp.  Available in the App Store)