This past Saturday I had the good fortune to attend an iPhoneography class led by Holly Higbee-Jansen and Mark Jansen of Photography Explorations.  Along with some instruction on the basics of our phone cameras and composition ideas we were turned loose from time to time along the beach and on Sterns Wharf to practice.

We tried out several different apps and one of my favorites of the day was re-visiting Hipstamatic. We walked along the pier, snapping along the way, not knowing exactly how our shots would turn out.  Here are here are a couple of my favorites–the one above and this one. I had kind of forgotten about Hipsamatic but loved the effects Holly and Mark helped us find.



Another fun thing we did and you might want to try this. Put the native iPhone camera to the panoramic mode.  Start with the camera above your head, click the shutter to start, then lean backwards (yoga would help here) and stop the shutter when you’ve bent back as far as you can.  Here’s my attempt.


Here are some of the other apps we learned about:

Camera Plus





A great day.   Check out my Instagram for more.  My user name is jreid1031.
















Requiem for a Bibliophile


I went to see this amazing mixed media wall installation this afternoon.  It is part of a show called “Requiem for the Bibliophile” at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Santa Barbara. This piece, by Nancy Gifford, is titled Lament, 2014. It is 10×32 feet and according to the explanation next to the piece “addresses many complexities about our relationship to physical books in the advent of the digital age….and conveys a reverential, elegiac ode to the printed book.” As a (soon to be retired) librarian and lifelong lover of books, I found it very moving.