Aloha, Hula Girl ACEO Art Card

alohaaceo straight

Aloha, Hula Girl

ACEO Art Card

2.5″ x 3.5″

Just a little Artist Trading Card.  A tinted copy of a vintage photo.  (yes, that’s me)  Acrylic on mat board.  Hand stamped letters on watercolor paper.  Snippet of Hawaiian fabric.  Just for fun….

Available in my Etsy Store::Studio Miradero




The beginning ….. Diaster.  Catastrophe.  Wildfire.  Everything turned to ash.  Except some small black and white photos in a box I managed to save.  Why these?

An idea came to “honor” them….turn them into small pieces of art.  The first began with hand tinting.  Then a canvas.  A piece of fabric.  A brass pin.  A feather.

Scary to begin.  Self consciousness to be lost.  But then what more could there be to lose?


hula girl