Angel’s Flight

angel's flight2

Angel’s Flight…..mixed media collage.  8 x10 framed.  1920s photo, gingko leaf, chiyogami papers, reproduction of vintage ticket for Angel’s Flight, copy of 1905 photo of Angel’s Flight.

I’ve always been intrigued by Angel’s Flight.  Maybe it’s imagining my grandmother living in Los Angeles in the 1920s.  Angel’s Flight is a narrow gauge funicular in Bunker Hill connecting Hill Street and Olive Street.  This old photo I purchased of a mother and a daughter is from the 1920s.  While I was working on it I noticed the writing in the corner.  I can’t make out all of it but there is the name Owens written with a blue fountain pen.  My grandmother’s last name was Owens.  I added a reproduction of a ticket and a copy of a small photo of Angel’s Flight taken in 1905.  The papers are beautiful chiyogami and the frame is one I had and it seems to have been waiting for this.

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