Liberate Your Art Postcard Swap 2015


This beautiful postcard from Kat Sloma is the last one from the Liberate Your Art Postcard Swap for 2015.  What a lovely finale!  The Postcard Swap (according to Kat’s blog) involved 1290 pieces of art liberated, from 214 artists, from 12 countries!  Here’s a wonderful video from Kat’s blog that shows many of the incredible postcards.


Art Journal


I carved out a little time to work in my journal this weekend. With school drawing to a close and celebrations beginning for my retirement I’m finding it harder to focus. But it’s all good!  This is a failed image transfer using my ink jet printer and hairspray (!) but I glued the failure in my journal and just kept going. I used gesso, some neocolors, a rubber stamp, and some bits of French ephemera. I’m learning to just work without judging the results–a very new concept for me.  I’m finding it liberating, to say the least.

In the mailbox today…


Today brought another great postcard as part of the Liberate Your Art postcard swap. This beautiful photo is from Tammy Lee Bradley of South Florida. I love this study of reflections and the sense of calm this shot evokes. She wrote that it was taken in the very early morning as she watched her son set off on an adventure as a deckhand aboard the Nina and Pinta  Replica Ships.

Another lovely postcard


I received another wonderful postcard today from the Liberate Your Art postcard swap. This one is from Lisa Murphy of Reston, Virginia.  The quote on the back was from Van Gogh:  “Great things are done by a series of small things put together.”  So glad I joined this project!

Liberate Your Art–the first postcard


What a lovely surprise this afternoon to find this in my mailbox.  This is the first postcard I received from participating in Kat Sloma’s Liberate Your Art.  I sent off five postcards of my art and I will receive 6 in return–five from artists and one from Kat.  This beautiful card is a photo layered over scanned collage from Christine Barker.  You can see her other wonderful work on her website, freehand impressions.

On the back was this wonderful quote:


I have put it on the ledge above my work table so I can see it often as I work.  More to come!


Amuse-Bouche – The Art Appetizer


I am participating in a very interesting thesis project for Dylan Goodman.  On his website for Amuse-Bouche he explains the project:

“This project will strive to entice people to buy original artwork created by artists, starting with a small artistic sample, which will in turn help stimulate the appetite of the consumer, ideally resulting in larger, future purchases of artwork. The project will be based around a product, the ‘art box,’ that will make original artwork more accessible and less intimidating than a gallery or art dealer setting, while affording the artists a living through its sales. Each ‘art box’ will contain an original work of art, by various selected artists, that can be purchased at a flat rate through a subscription service or one time purchase option. These small, original samples of art, created and inspired by the artist will help build the artistic desire for art. It will also minimize the intimidating, scary aspects of entering the art buying world, which is often seen as elite or untouchable, while being available to everyone at a reasonable set price and easily accessible online.”

I heard about the project through his mother, a fellow etsy shop owner, and owner of Messy Bed Studio. She had posted the information on her blog, Messy Bed Studio, and I decided to take the plunge.  This is a little out of my comfort zone but I wanted to push myself.

After signing up, I received this package from Dylan:


It was so nicely done with a great little handbook on how to participate.  I decided to do a very small mixed canvas, 4″ x 4,” in which I used a print of a vintage photograph, acrylic paints, and authentic ephemera and papers.


I was then challenged to put the box together and make it part of the art.  Here is that work in progress:


I decided to fill the box with strips of ephemera and “nest” the canvas in it.


Here are some shots of the completed box and the canvas.





The last step is to mail my box with the canvas back to Dylan re-using the box in which he sent the materials.  The boxes will be featured during an Amuse-Bouche exhibit this spring and will be included on the Amuse-Bouche website.  If the art box is sold, I will receive payment.  But I must admit that would be the proverbial icing on the cake….this has been a great project and I applaud Dylan and wish him all the best!

Liberate Your Art


Liberate Your Art Postcard Swap

I heard about this on Instagram from one of my friends, the talented Amy Duncan from Four Corners Design.  How it works…you send 5 postcards of your art to Kat Sloma of Kateyestudio with postage and a written note on the back.  In return you will get 6 postcards back from other artists from around the world!  A great way to stretch out and put your art out there.  The deadline is March 14 to get to cards to Kat.  I had these printed from my Instagram using and they are fantastic and inexpensive.  The quality is amazing.  And it was so simple to do.

You can find detailed direction sabout the Swap at

The sum of its parts…


Today I decided to take a little mixed media painting I did several months ago and re-work it.  An interesting lesson.  I decided it didn’t matter how it turned out…I wasn’t really happy with it in its original state….so I had nothing to lose.  I tried out some new things…alcohol inks on gesso, black edging, adding more fabric texture and other paper elements.

I also discovered something interesting when photographing it.  I liked the details.  I especially liked one where I had cut off the head of the girl in the painting.  This has lead me to think about a whole new way of doing these “portraits”  in which I hand tint copies of vintage photos.

bow wow cut

Here’s the original:

afterlight square spot

Here’s the new version:

full size bow wow