A New Direction


It’s been a long while….I have spent much of the last year exploring all kinds of art from drawing, to painting, to encaustic collage.  It’s been a fantastic journey and I continue it still.

I have taken many wonderful classes, mostly online, and have loved learning in that manner.  From collage, to encaustic wax, to digital photography…I feel so fortunate to have had some fantastic instructors.

My latest exploration has taken me into large abstract paintings since I now have a lovely studio (with an easel) in which to work.  I work every day.  Making art has become like breathing.

I am very happy that my encaustic work is now on display at The Blue Door in Santa Barbara for the month of July.  Besides my etsy shop, StudioMiradero, this is the first time my art has been “out in public” and that has been really exciting.

Blue Door Wall

I continue to be very active on Instagram ( you can find me at instagram.com/jreid1031) and try to post daily and I have just designed and published a website!  You can find it at janetreidart.com

It seemed like time to return to the world of blogging so here I am!  I will post again soon….I promise.





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