Cloud’s illusions I recall…


Cloud’s illusions I recall….

 (From Both Sides Now by Joni Mitchell)

Small acrylic on paper from a wonderful class I took today at the Santa Barbara Museum of Art. Taking these classes is like meeting an old friend again from a very long time ago.  Soon I’ll have time to be with “her” every day if I want to.


Liberate Your Art Postcard Swap 2015


This beautiful postcard from Kat Sloma is the last one from the Liberate Your Art Postcard Swap for 2015.  What a lovely finale!  The Postcard Swap (according to Kat’s blog) involved 1290 pieces of art liberated, from 214 artists, from 12 countries!  Here’s a wonderful video from Kat’s blog that shows many of the incredible postcards.

Art Journal


I carved out a little time to work in my journal this weekend. With school drawing to a close and celebrations beginning for my retirement I’m finding it harder to focus. But it’s all good!  This is a failed image transfer using my ink jet printer and hairspray (!) but I glued the failure in my journal and just kept going. I used gesso, some neocolors, a rubber stamp, and some bits of French ephemera. I’m learning to just work without judging the results–a very new concept for me.  I’m finding it liberating, to say the least.