Paint on my hands

I’ve been into instagram lately but today I just had to get paint on my hands. A page from my art journal….



Liberate Your Art


Liberate Your Art Postcard Swap

I heard about this on Instagram from one of my friends, the talented Amy Duncan from Four Corners Design.  How it works…you send 5 postcards of your art to Kat Sloma of Kateyestudio with postage and a written note on the back.  In return you will get 6 postcards back from other artists from around the world!  A great way to stretch out and put your art out there.  The deadline is March 14 to get to cards to Kat.  I had these printed from my Instagram using and they are fantastic and inexpensive.  The quality is amazing.  And it was so simple to do.

You can find detailed direction sabout the Swap at

The sum of its parts…


Today I decided to take a little mixed media painting I did several months ago and re-work it.  An interesting lesson.  I decided it didn’t matter how it turned out…I wasn’t really happy with it in its original state….so I had nothing to lose.  I tried out some new things…alcohol inks on gesso, black edging, adding more fabric texture and other paper elements.

I also discovered something interesting when photographing it.  I liked the details.  I especially liked one where I had cut off the head of the girl in the painting.  This has lead me to think about a whole new way of doing these “portraits”  in which I hand tint copies of vintage photos.

bow wow cut

Here’s the original:

afterlight square spot

Here’s the new version:

full size bow wow