Recycling done

image image image



I finished the three pieces.   I mounted each of them on handmade khadi paper and then attached it to white gessoed canvas.



collage 1 second version

I ordered some little stacking cubes for storage in my studio recently.  They are very cleverly and sustainably made from recycled paper and packed very carefully.  Before I tossed the packing materials–recycled paper, of course–I noticed how pretty it actually was.   So I’ve been playing with some little collages using the packing material as the substrate.  I’m not sure how they will eventually turn out, but some assorted things on my work table seemed to want to be in them.

collage 2

I played with some painted texture on this one.  Silver paint on rubber matting pressed onto the packing material. And an oak leaf I picked up on a walk.

collage 3

This one I gessoed and added an image transferred on canvas cloth and a washi tape reproduction of a stamp.  The feather is from my best friend’s chicken.

I’m thinking of mounting these on 8 x 8 gallery wrapped canvases painted white so they will have a three dimensional aspect and the corrugation will show on the sides. Stay tuned……