Tuscan Landscapes and other things

   close up tuscan

Tuscan Landscape (Detail)

Working on some more landscape collages.  One large (9 x 12) and two petites (4 x 4).  I love the ephemera in the large one.  Especially the vintage wallpaper “trees.”  Not sure if I can part with this one yet.  The petites will soon be in my Etsy Shop.


tuscan on dresser

Two Petite Tuscan Landscape Collages….(4 x 4) works in progress.  Soon to be in StudioMiradero on Etsy.

                                       petite landscape colage                                                                                         petite bird collage

Now in my Etsy shop are some new embellished Moleskine journals.  Great for gifts!



A few months ago I worked on a small piece….in fact worked it to death.  I set is aside.  First in the trash, and then I fished it out and stuffed it behind some other canvases.   This morning as I was getting out another canvas I saw it there.  While one layer of paint dried on my new canvas, I sliced out the part I liked from the little canvas.  A ragged little piece with a tiny vintage photobooth snapshot of a woman.

close up photo espana

I decided to try again.  Smaller. Less.  I worked with glazes.  I like how it turned out.  But best of all I liked that I ruined my first attempt with my desire for perfection and then salvaged something of it, not the least of which is the reminder to let go, to simpilfy, and keep trying.

close up of espana