An Etsy shop–something I’ve been mulling over during the last several months.  I decided to take the plunge and have spent the last few days setting it up.  Listings, shipping policies, payment options–it can make your head spin but it really was fun to meet the challenge.  Please take a look if you’d like.  There are links on the side bar or you can just click here:  Studio Miradero

I took the added plunge and set up a Facebook page, twitter, and instagram.  Lots of passwords to remember!

StudioMiradero.  What’s in a name?  I live on a lovely street, Miradero Drive, lined with now-blooming Jacaranda trees, and my studio is a small little space that befits the small size of most of my art.  I feel very fortunate to live is such a beautiful town.  Inspiration  is everywhere I look.



2 thoughts on “StudioMiradero

  1. I decided to keep the blog just for what’s going on and have the link to the etsy shop. I’ve noticed other blogs doing that. They do often say something like “available at my etsy shop” so that’s a good idea I think. Thanks for the comment! I wouldn’t have thought of that. Next week I’m going to hopefully blog about what happens each day in my class. Stay tuned….

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